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Dear 5th graders,

here you can find your first-term reading assignment: The Tale of Peter Rabbit. It is a British children's book written by Beatrix Potter.

Just click on the link bellow and it will take you to the page where you can read it online.

Enjoy your reading!

Mr Smith's new nose - listening practice

Dear 5th graders,

u nastavku imate priložena 2 dokumenta: Mr Smith's new nose  i  Comprehension check.

Prvo kliknite na prvi dokument i kad ga otvorite kliknite na link i poslušajte priču: Mr Smith's new nose. Moguće je da će vas do videa tražiti da učinite nekoliko dodatnih koraka. Na pitanje ŠTO ŽELITE UČINITI S DATOTEKOM, kliknite OTVORI/OPEN. Na komentar  WEB MJESTO ŽELI OTVORITI SADRŽAJ NA VAŠEM RAČUNALU kliknite DOPUSTI/ALLOW. Kad kliknete na link u dokumentu može vam se otvoriti obavijest NEMA DOVOLJNO MEMORIJE ILI PROSTORA. Kliknite U REDU i pričekajte. Na kraju bi vam se trebala otvoriti stranica British Councila gdje se na vrhu nalazi video/slušna vježba. Stisni PLAY.

Zatim otvorite dokument: Comprehension check, u njemu kliknite na link, odgovorite na pitanja i na kraju dokumenta kliknite SUBMIT. Ne zaboravite napisati ime i prezime u za to predviđeno mjesto. Enjoy and have fun!



Write a short text message (SMS) using at least one abbreviation. Enter the wall here.

Exercise 2

Hi, 5th graders,

here we are again. New padlets this week!

One contains a completely new word and a slightly different assignment. This time you don't have to use the word in your own sentences but try to define/explain the word. I've already put the first example. Join me. Try to describe the word in your own words. Use all your imagination.

The link is here.


The other Padlet Wall here deals with our 'old' word (SPLIT) only this time we don't have to make up the sentences but find already existing common expressions with different forms of the word SPLIT. It is strongly advised to use a dictionary and find some examples there. You can also check internet. You don't have to make sentences, just write the expression. Also, translate your expression in Croatian.


Dear 5th graders,

click the link bellow and you'll open a Mrs Mikulandra's Padlet with an example exercise on vocabulary. I challenge you to make a sentence and write on her wall. It's not difficult. Just double click on any place on the wall and you'll open a small frame. Then you can write in the frame. Don't forget to put your name. When you're finished, just click once outside of you frame and that's it. Other people can see your writing, but they can't change it. Before your writing is actually published on the wall and ready for others to see it, Mrs Mikulandra will check it and allow its publishing. If the teacher wants to correct your writing, she'll attach the notice to your frame. Give a try, it's fun!

Padlet is an online tool that anybody can make, you just have to sign in. The students who just write on somebody's Padlet wall don't have to sign in. If you want to check what Padlet is, you can access their site here.

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